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Jumpstarting™ News & Blog

How do we learn to read?

  Can you remember learning to read? If it was an unpleasant struggle, you are more likely to recall the experience. If you learnt to read easily, you probably won’t remember much about it. Perhaps you can remember some of the early books which were read to you...

Dyslexia – Gift or Disability?

In many countries, dyslexia is classified as a disability, but there is a shift towards seeing it as a gift rather than a disability. “Dyslexia is not a disability – it's a gift. It means that I and many other dyslexic thinkers can portray the world through images...

Jumpstarting™ Videos & Interviews

Sara Haboubi's Jumpstarting Journey

Sara Haboubi is a learning coach, trainer and international speaker. Here she talks about her Jumpstarting journey – working with 100s of individuals and families as well as training educators in the Jumpstarting Processes for Basic Literacy & Numeracy Skills.

Paula Montie's Jumpstarting Story

Paula Montie is a retired primary school teacher and head teacher with over 30 years experience in education. Having worked with struggling students throughout her career, it wasn’t until she retired that she found The Jumpstarting Process after meeting Olive Hickmott. This is what she had been looking for and now she is passionate about getting this to as many parents and educators as possible so that they can use this and get the amazing results she is getting too!

TV3 Ireland AM - Summer Learning Loss - June 2018

If you have a child with dyslexia or other learning challenges and you are worried that your child’s learning will slip backwards or ‘slide’ over the long summer holidays then watch this interview on what you can do. You can also visit our website for more information www.jumpstartinglearningskills.com

TV3 Ireland AM Interview 7th Oct 2016

Interview Friday 7th October 2016 during Ireland Dyslexia Awareness Week.
Se McCarthy (Principal St Joseph’s NS Rathwire) and Sara Haboubi.

Jumpstarting™ Audio Interviews

Dublin City FM - October 2017

Sara Haboubi interview with Colin McStay on Dublin City FM on dyslexia and how The Jumpstarting Process can help students who learn differently.

Phoenix radio interview - October 17

Sara Haboubi’s Interview with Colin McStay on Dublin City FM on dyslexia and how The Jumpstarting Process can help students who learn differently.

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